what are your dreams? they can come true

i am posting the fairy because i believe in magic….and i believe in my dreams and i know they will come true.  now of course i do fall into times of despair, darkness and resignation but more and more  i’m feeling at one with the universe,  i’m feeling in full power, in complete love with being and i really truly love submitting to the possibilities of magic and the fairies! so many things i’ve wished for and dreamt of have come true in my life.here are some crazy examples

- a little girl in mozambique dreaming of living in NYC- cut to 5 years later and i discover that if there was a war situation my father would be transferred to UNICEF headquarters in NYC- cut to 2 yrs later, civil war in Yemen, and I end up living in NYC

- a 15yr old visiting America from Sierra Leone, obsessed with music videos and i discover Meshell Ndegeocello’s “Dreadlocks” and “Wild Nights”, something about this bald headed, brown skinned woman, spoke power to me and i followed her music for years. cut to ten yrs later, one fine day in brooklyn my doorbell rings i answer it and its her….we become friends and she gives me the confidence to be proud of my love for fairies and fantasy.

- 20 yrs old, sitting in a hotel bed in Thailand waiting for my Dad to meet my sister and I to take us to North Korea where he was living at the time. I saw Mira Nair and was filled with joy at a woman who directed movies. I said to myself I want to meet her! cut to 1 yr later I live in a dorm next door to Mira Nair, I get hired through the bartending agency to work her party, and then I intern for her at the beginning of Monsoon Wedding

- I got an artist residency a couple years back and developed the idea for the film that I am now shooting and raising money for! I set a goal of $5000.00 and it’s going to happen!

Here are a couple more dreams I have that I know will come true when the Universe deems it’s time.  What are your dreams? Please submit on the blog I’d love to read, sharing is part of the magic

new dreams— raise enough money beyond the 5 grand to complete the film the way it should——— meet tim burton—— screen a film at cannes film festival——win an academy award (yes i don’t care i told my family i’d be up there one day so it’s one of my dreams)——have a huge party where my friends from all over the world will attend——create a program where travel to various countries in africa is as easy as hopping over to europe!!!