tea helps me write

while i wait to get the call from my friend to come over and work on the edit of my film. i figure i should work on some of my other projects- all in the writing stage.

editing and writing, big triggers for me. i do everything possible to avoid doing both those things which are essential to get the ideas from my head out to people.

yesterday my excuse was the house is dirty, so i cleaned for 5 hours. i feel better yes and usually can’t write in a mess. today i made breakfast, then i listened to hayhouse radio about time management, then i took the garbage out, washed some dishes, finally i’ve just made some tea in a beautiful teapot and i’m sitting down to work on my spec script!

ps i’ve not blogged in so long partially because i’ve been working a lot and partially because i’ve felt like i should be more productive than i’ve been and haven’t wanted to share about my procrastination.