sending cuts of my film to mentors and people i respect is nerve wracking

i’ve had a new cut for about 2 weeks and i’m only now just sending it to my mentors, and folks who make art that i really look up to.  fear is a crazy thing!

the new cut has a better ending, i agree with most of the feedback i’ve gotten in that regard. the title, yes i like that too. but there is something still missing that i’m not quite sure how to get to.  something from the last cut, an emotional weight, awkardness of character that this new cut doesn’t have….

two different editors worked on the two different cuts….

music not sure about either. more weight,


getting closer. in the meantime i’m here in new orleans on another job, assisting a director on his miley cyrus film. on the weekends i’m trying my best to be disciplined and work on another script, but oh its kinda difficult to not go out and explore 2nd lines, dancing, and new orleans.

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