one of those days

i’ve just gotten back from new york….it’s a bit anti-climatic after a week and a half or running around casting looking for locations.  everything is still pretty much up in the air, as we’ve not settled on anywhere or anyone.  this morning i was near panic mode. you know that ‘what am i doing with my life’ panic.  i went to the mtv awards and the after party last night, and it was such a different experience to be in hollywood…tom cruise was at the party, taylor lautner, tons of men and their beautiful women…i started to slip slowly into one of my characters.  today a friend had to remind me that’s its all an illusion and it’s ok to sometimes just sit still and do nothing.  so instead of getting myself in a tizzy, i said i’ll accomplish three things today.

1) unpack

2) work on my website

3) fundraising

so far i’ve been doing a little of everything, including listening to great music and looking at art books…trying to open up and let the title for the film find me.