my friends are the best part of my filmmaking experience

its true!! my friends are some of the smartest, most talented, creative people and i try as much as i can to rope them into my filmmaking endeavors, even though they dont’ work professionally in film.

marisha scott is my muse and i can always bounce ideas back and forth on her in any realm- make up choice, wardrobe choice, set dressing choice…we are on the same wavelength always…equally into magic, darkness, blackness and to boot she is jamaican too!!!

diane - she doesn’t know yet that i want to include her in my film, but she has great style, and i think she would play an awesome snob in my film!

both marish and diane have worked with me on most of the things i’ve shot from the fairy film, to amatus’ video, to this one!

and i’m so lucky to know people like numa- whose gloves are inspiring and gorgeous!!!!

pictures of these girls to come soon!