Day 1

So I feel like although Ryan and I have been working at it for a couple weeks, today is Day 1- the countdown.  We got our KickStarter page up and ready for our donations and I finally figured out how to do this blog thing.

I thought it would be good to have a video talking about my own eating disorder and why I HAVE to make this film.  I was literally starting to feel sick to my stomach not being able to get these things out of my head onto paper, and into the world through a film.  The feature script- on Draft 1- but making this short is a step there- a bit of ease to my soul.  Maybe i’ll have the guts a couple days down the line putting up a video of me talking about how I came to this story about two girls who look and act different on the outside but have so much in common on the inside!

Follow me on this path, please leave your comments, your own stories, your questions, the biggest thing that helped me was finding other women who felt what I felt, and accepting like alcoholics have a disease so do I.