Arthur Jafa's words coming back to me after location scouting today

I wish I remembered what he said verbatim, but what i remember and what is coming back to me, is that films that do not have access to a lot of funds are forced to develop their own aesthetic in response to the lack…and that we don’t have to see it as a ‘lack’ so to speak but a beauty in the creative forces of people who have traditionally not had access and the great things we create when we are ‘without’.

so as i looked at locations today, i kind of feel a calm sense, of course we would need more money, more things, more lights, more more more, but we don’t have it…but i’m settled in my heart that out of our tight budget, our dedicated group of people something will emerge, beautiful, touching, with its own aesthetic born out of what we DO have and i just need to open up listen and feel how to manoeuvre, express, and give birth to the world of these characters!  some location pictures to come.

i do have to say that i feel so taken care of by jeff kim the dp, its our first time working together, and his spirit is just so calm, supportive and encouraging!