35 shots of rum by Claire Denis shot by Agnes Godard.  My film study for the day!

Reviews say its a character study, with plot understated. I love french films, the calm but intense door that opens up into another world.

Today- nothing much happened. I called a lot of people trying to find referrals for crew that will donate their time, I got a lot of NO’s, and one hopeful person who thought we could find crew willing to donate a day or two. 

I saw a couple DP reels, left a message for another editor. hmmmmm nothing much happened…

Oh Ryan who is helping produce got a call back from his neighbors, knock on wood they will let us use their apt to shoot!!! He is also getting a really big job so he might not be on set wtih me when we shoot- need to find someone that can handle producing while i’m shooting. oh the ups and downs of film

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